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  • Annual Business Meeting Minutes
  • Annual Reports (Appointees, Committees, Chapters and Treasurer)
  • Chapter Management
  • Strategic Plan
  • VRA Bulletin, Volumes 34-37 (PDF format of last print editions)

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Give feedback on the 2017 VRA Strategic Plan Draft

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Click on My Profile to see your info. Please ensure that your contact address (and billing address, if different from your contact address) is listed correctly in our files. We want to be sure that we can communicate with you about association news and events! Please note the "Hide" boxes at the left side of your data which can be used to keep any or all of your info from appearing in the online membership directory. Also note that the online membership directory is only available to full VRA members (this excludes Listserv subscription-only members).

Members can also use their profile to indicate whether they would like to serve on any association committees, are interested in a leadership position within the association and whether they are active in any affiliated or related organizations.  This information is collected periodically and passed on to the VRA Board and committee chairs to make sure that these specific interests can be addressed.

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• When you are in the “Edit this profile” page, you will notice some fields, such as "Membership Year", “Date Joined”, Expiration Date”, “Member Group” are created by the system, and cannot be changed by the member. If at any time you feel the information in these fields is incorrect, please contact the Membership Services Coordinator at [email protected]

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My Contact Preferences: Since VRA sends out the e-newsletter in a bulk email, and as there will be times we need to contact the current members all at once, we suggest that you choose to receive emails sent to multiple recipients.  Rest assured that there will be no “junk email” sent to our members through this system.
Contact Center:  We also strongly suggest that you use Email as your choice, and be sure to put the email address to which you want any VRA information delivered (At this time we have no plans for the  “Bulletin Board” function; the “VRA List” listserv currently serves that need.).
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